Fairs, Exhibitions & Events

To enhance our growth further and to reach a wider section of the trade, our Exhibition Logistic Department was launched. We believe that the combination of our diverse business, our connections with various freight agencies, custom brokers worldwide and the support of our associated companies make us a “One Stop Shop” for our customers. The Exhibition Logistics Service is an exclusive division within the Company to cater to the full requirements of the Exhibitor and organizers. We provide total logistics support for trade fair organizers and exhibitors to ensure that the exhibits are delivered to the venue on time and in perfect condition prior to the opening of an event. We also offer reverse logistical support at the end of an event

  • Exhibits Management
  • Freight Management – Air & Sea
  • Processing of Customs documentation
  • Payment ofstatutory Port/Airport charges
  • Storage prior to Exhibition
  • Transportation/Delivery to Exhibition site

  • On-site handling at Exhibition site
  • Removal and storage of empty cases
  • Reposition of empty cases at close of exhibition.
  • Collection/Transportation to Port/Airport/Storage area
  • Processing of re-export documentation
  • Processing of duty refund applications
  • Payment of statutory Port/Airport charges
  • Labour hire and 3-ton forklift charges
  • On-site supervision by our representative

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