Warhousing & Consolidation Services

Solarbasecargo focus on technology and the automation of processes guarantees our ability to stay flexible – this is peace of mind for our customers and their desire to stay ahead in the industry.

We can increase the effectiveness and flexibility of your supply chain with our Warehouse Management services. Whether it’s optimizing your existing warehousing and distribution network or adding new capabilities, our warehousing services help you increase warehouse performance with best-in-class technology and our value added services.

  • Warehousing
  • Cross Dock / Consolidation
  • Technology
  • Value Added Services

  • Low inventories: Low space requirement, high asset utilization
  • High in-stock: High customer satisfaction, higher sales, low lost sales
  • High inventory turnover: High service with low investment
  • Efficient resource utilization: Minimum resource requirements
  • Optimum transportation mode: select the most efficient mode for bulk shipping into crossdock
  • Fewer handling locations

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